Saturday, March 28, 2015

let's go down to the tennis court


I don't live in elite housing community so I can't have tennis court photoshoots...
I reeeally love tennis court photoshoots because...idk...?

So, as the member of the photography club, we have this annual event...
making short movie....?
Well, I don't take any role in it, I just donating my camera and my memory card (lol)
But it's nice than just laying infront my laptop and playing the sims 3 24/7 

candid pic taken while we are smiling for photo lol
rafa's life goal : to have pic taken by good lens. well, yasssss


So, In my 1 week holiday, i'll be spending my time with making movies and going to beach !
Yay! You can call me 'Busy P-Chan' for now

What I Wear :
Tee : Thrift Shop
Skirt : @Annabelleroom (IG)
Tights : Unknown Brand
Sneakers : @sepatulukispinkpunkpop (IG)

Friday, March 20, 2015

love is a cannibal riding a carnival carousel

The title..
It's from Em's new song ; Twisted
I liiiike it sooo much!

Today I went to a cafe to have a meeting about our next project, making a movie
Well, I'm in photography club in the school
(please don't be surprised, ikr student like me doesn't fit to be a club member lel)

So I quite like the result of the photo because the massive sunlight<33
I don't need to do any edits in these photos
And tomorrow we are planning to have a photoshoot in the tennis court!

*plays lorde's tennis court song*

What I Wear : 

Shirt : UNIQLO (Thrifted)
Tee : Thrifted
Shorts : Thrifted
Tights : Unknown Brand
Sneakers : Bugis St.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hi everyone!
So we have this 'one week holiday' because our seniors are having their exam now!
Which means....Everyday go photoshoot! yaay!!

Today, my friends from middle school gave me mini- birthday surprise 
(I actually didn't prepared anything so they just barged in while i was laying down playing the sims3)

excuse my wet hair and not-prepared-for-photo-face

So after the birthday surprise and lots of chit chats, talking about how silly we are in middle school, we went to fidella's house since we are too scared to do outdoor photoshoots (yeah, I'M STILL TRAUMATIZED!) because of 'Begal', 

you know, I live in lampung, the land of begal, everyday we get news like "A got killed in X stabbed by knife and the motorcycle is stolen" or "Beware if you're in street X, that area is so dangerous!"

I can't live peacefully because those idiots who earning money by hurting innocent people.

I'm really confused, why the heck people keeps doing bad things to eachother?why won't they be nice at eachother? why they want to get money by hurting other innocent people?

So we saw a really white walls and we think it'd be really pretty if we take photos there
Yeah, it is!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

born to be bad

Hello everyone!

So this time I want try something different...something....sporty-ish?
But I tried to wear sweatskirt(is that even exist)
and wear kindaa....crop tee?
So I think it'd fit Sporty look lol

Monday, March 9, 2015

chubby bunny

I often thinks.....
In my society, Why it's better to hate on ourselves than to be proud of ourselves?
If you ever listened to my daily convo, you may thinks that i'm an arrogant person 
because i keep telling "ew so ugly. how come HE left me to that UGLIER(than me) girl?!!!"
It's not like that, It's not that i hate that girl for no reason....
She made me broke up with my boyfriend 

But I'm so proud of myself so I can take care of myself better.
And I KNOW when to be proud of myself, and when to be amazed by other people.

But for now, I'm still trapped in a city which the people is reAAAlly close minded and idiotic (not in academic ways)
(not all people, though. but majority)
.So I (maybe) keep being proud of myself

And I know that i'm not perfect, I still have flaws. so yeah...