Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It just happen naturally

Perks of having sister is...
You can share clothes with her!

Unfortunately i don't share fashion taste with her:(
She's more into 'calm korean girl' style
and I am...more...into 'vintage american kidz' style

But i still love to borrow her clothes tho.

do i look like those delinquents from 70s

Because of the great lighting,
You can't see well the details in my tee.
So here's the detail!

It's mickey mouse tee from a thrift shop yay!
Only for 25.000 Rupiahs ($2.5)

What I wore :

Tee : Thrift Shop
Shirt : LOGO (But it's my sister's)
Pants : My sister's
Shoes : Bugis Street


So, I realized that I...almost never....smile in my pictures...
I'm sorry but....Well, It's the real me...
I always show this bitch face when taking photos...

And I look weird when smiling too, so, yeah..

Actually someone ever said that i look weird when i smile,
So from that event, i almost never smile again.
It's not like i care about their opinion,
It just happen naturally...

But, when I smiling, 
I always smile from the bottom of my heart.

I never force myself to smile.
Cause, If i forced to do something,
It's better if i don't do it at all than i'm forced to do it...

Friday, October 10, 2014

テニス スカート

I've been in bad mood phase lately
Cause, My brother lend my camera's memory card to his friends
And his friends also changing the setting of my camera!!
I hate it!

When i do this photoshoot, i didn't know how to change the setting
At the last photo, I figured how to change the (shitty) setting!

I've been lacking ideas to mix and match the clothes too:(
such a bad day

oh, also,
I want to dye my hair (again!)
This time i'm gonna dye the underneath side~
So It'll look like this :

Is this a good idea:3?
I'll dye it tomorrow~

What I wore :

Polo Shirt : Thrift Shop
High Waist Skirt : HEAD (Thrifted)
Sneakers : League

Friday, October 3, 2014

Black x Red

I've always hide my forehad with my bangs...
Cos It's so large...
Now I'm building confidence to show off my forehead!

o why the f it looks like i don't have any eyebrow
 I'm sorry if my eyebrow game is weak:( 

This is the first time i wore no-thrifte-goods outfit!
(Since i know world of thrifting, ofcourse)
Check the details below!

What I wore :

Hair bows : Stroberi Accessories
Cardigan : Lee Cooper
Shirt : LOGO
Skirt : @beneficeshop (IG)
Socks : Naughty Accessories
Shoes : Bugis Street