Tuesday, January 12, 2016

dresslink wishlist!

Hillo everyone!^^
Happy New Year !
(It's dam late but whatever, I'm busy playing cards in class!)

New Year means New clothes!
(No, Not me, I'm just your average broke girl)
(broke, but wanting everything in this world, cryyyy)

Ok but I kinda have habit to create wishlist for things I want to buy in the beginning of the year
(weeeeell, not really, it's like, every month! I MAKE WISHLIST EVERY MONTH)
Wishlist is the best, I tend to imagine 'whaaaaa what if i wear this with this'
Seriously, I need to stop daydreaming....:^)

So! Today I'm gonna make a wishlist from Dresslink.com
It's a cool online shop with unbelievably low price...
Seriously.. A dress for 3$? Cute Creepers shoes for 6$? Caps for 2$? 
As a natural broke but shopaholic person, I couldn't resist it,
 affordable cute clothes but not from thrift shop? I'm in !

1.Striped Tee


you guys know me so well that i have a thing for stripy tees...So when i saw this tee, I was all like 'WHOAH I HAVEN'T GOT THIS KIND OF STRIPE TEE !!!'

2. Cut Out Shoulder Long Sleeve Striped Tee 

This so cuuute right?! I like the combination of Black and White and Red! It's always be my favorite color combination after Red, Blue and White!

It has elbow patches too! IT'S HEART!!!gosh.

3. Foodies Print Tee

This tee is so cute riiight?!!! It matches my blog background!^^ Hamburger! as a burger kidz I won't let this cute tee off from my wishlist!~

4. Polkadot Tights

I've always had a thing for tights! and this tights is dam cute because the polkadot~~~c u t e!

Oh, You can also buy things for $0.01 (IS THAT EVEN REAL?!!)
But, grab it quickly, it's so quick to sold out>,,,<!

And also, they have free shipping items~ 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

for love

Okk, so I'll finish posting about my short trip (it's not short, it's micro trip!lol)
On the second day, we went to garut, i thought we were going to a cold place like yesterday, so I ended up wearing sweater, but, it's.dam.hot!!it's 33 celcius and i wore 2 layers of clothing?! nice.

While the mommies are busying themselves by shopping, me and my sister searching a good spot to take ootds....turned out it's so hard!
we managed to find a cute place, it's like, collection of barrels, blue barrels! but it's in a kinda military place...and there are so many guards there...supposed it wont hurt to ask nicely but me and my sis are just an awkward person so we ended up taking pics from the sidewalk lol

Thursday, December 24, 2015

flower power

Hiya guys! 
I just got back from short trip to Bandung with my mom and her friends
Most of things we do just shopping but on the first day we went to a garden,
Taman Bunga Nusantara! 
It's my favorite place in my country (beside from Bali, ofc!)
The first time i went there is when I was in my 8th grade, we had a field trip and we visited it....too sad I was so dumb back then I didn't took single photos there (I cri...)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello there! Long time no see!!^^
Finally, after months of in-state of almost having mental breakdown,
I've passed on final exam 
(but i haven't got enough credits to get a nice report card tho)
yea whatever but finally!!! I can frequently post again^^

I admit, being the last year student is really tiresome...
(I said this eventhough i never come to class and pay attention to the teacher lol)
I became busier... idk i'm not busy with studying, more like busy...
...playing with my friends...pointless hanging out....lol this is not me...
I need to re-evaluate my life. asap.

So yea! After a week full of blackening answer sheets and got scolded because sleeping while in exam, We decided to do a photoshoot on a floaties in the pool^^
I knowwww, it's fall/winter outside there but in here yea it rains a lot now BUTTTT still hot!!!>:(
i cri.
and also I tried my new lens in this photoshoot>,< finally, a nice lens!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

it'll be a silent day i'll share with you

Hi guuuys!~
Hehehee, I don't do outfit pics lately because my house is still in renovation, so my wardrobe is locked down and I don't have any room right now:(
I promise I will update as frequently as possible when my wardrobe is not locked anymore>,<

At this rate, my score is really threatened,
I spent almost 90% of my time in school outside from my class,
 it's either I go to my friend's class, or go to library to sleep/draw there lol.
(As a student in the last year, this is not really good lol)
(I also have skipped 2 days this week...hnngggGgkkaaawwwhNN)

Ok so, Me and my friends had a 'halloween' photoshoot today but yeeeeea...idk, I'm not into celebrating festivals tho, so I don't really dress up,
I planned to be a guro lolita,
 but ended up wearing striped tee and ripped jeans because i'm so lazy to doll up nowadays....