Monday, April 13, 2015

stay with us

Hi everyone!
YAAAAY!! Finally!! 1 week holiday (again) ! 
Because our senior is having National Exam this week~
Next year, It will be us...ugh

So today me and my friends watch Furious 7
I'm into watching movies now lol 
Actually I don't watch all of fast n furious series. I only watched the Tokyo drift one lol.

Friday, April 10, 2015

summertime sadness

Let me tell you things about me first...

I'm the type of kid in class that always go to other class in recess time.
I'm the type of kid in class that is like air, you don't even recognize if  i am missing.
I'm the type of kid in class...that doesn't have any close friend.

Actually, I really like my class right now.
Since I got into social class, so the type of friendship would be different (yea it's totally different)
People in here is all funny, carefree, lazy, etc etc.
And, I hated my 10th grade classmates.
They...just...laugh at things that make other's feeling hurt

Well. Today we went to Pahawang Island. ah, actually I have went there before.

All I remembered... All I feel there is...warmth...
Warmth of togetherness...
(Please remember that I am a person that doesn't even know what is it feels to have any friends)
(So...I kinda...feel excited)
(yes this sound cheesy as fuck)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

candy flavored lips

Ahhh, Spending each holiday making movies with mini photo session lol

This the last day I'm joining them making movies
 (I can't attend it the next day because i need to go to beach lel)

Today we had photoshoot with my friend's scooter, 
The scooter is so cuuute...we can't resist to take photos without it !

I get new knowledge about photography from people in clubs everyday lol
Actually I've googled some but ...I think being explained directly makes us getting the idea easier..

For the photos below, we used our friend's lens...Now I'm craving to buy new lens..
Btw, I just figured out that the problem of my camera is in the lens (the autofocus won't work)
When I tried to use my friend's lenses, It worked.

being shot by better lens makes my feeling little better too
So yeah! That wraps up the events in my club's short movie making!:D
It was soooo fun!

What I Wore :

Tee : LOGO
Tights : Unknown Brand
Shoes : @sepatulukispunkpinkpop (IG)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

let's go down to the tennis court


I don't live in elite housing community so I can't have tennis court photoshoots...
I reeeally love tennis court photoshoots because...idk...?

So, as the member of the photography club, we have this annual event...
making short movie....?
Well, I don't take any role in it, I just donating my camera and my memory card (lol)
But it's nice than just laying infront my laptop and playing the sims 3 24/7 

candid pic taken while we are smiling for photo lol
rafa's life goal : to have pic taken by good lens. well, yasssss


So, In my 1 week holiday, i'll be spending my time with making movies and going to beach !
Yay! You can call me 'Busy P-Chan' for now

What I Wear :
Tee : Thrift Shop
Skirt : @Annabelleroom (IG)
Tights : Unknown Brand
Sneakers : @sepatulukispinkpunkpop (IG)

Friday, March 20, 2015

love is a cannibal riding a carnival carousel

The title..
It's from Em's new song ; Twisted
I liiiike it sooo much!

Today I went to a cafe to have a meeting about our next project, making a movie
Well, I'm in photography club in the school
(please don't be surprised, ikr student like me doesn't fit to be a club member lel)

So I quite like the result of the photo because the massive sunlight<33
I don't need to do any edits in these photos
And tomorrow we are planning to have a photoshoot in the tennis court!

*plays lorde's tennis court song*

What I Wear : 

Shirt : UNIQLO (Thrifted)
Tee : Thrifted
Shorts : Thrifted
Tights : Unknown Brand
Sneakers : Bugis St.